Commit ee0ca1b5 authored by Nikolaus Waxweiler's avatar Nikolaus Waxweiler

Instantiator: always take features, groups, info and lib from default font

parent ad787106
......@@ -100,23 +100,10 @@ class Instantiator:
glyph_mutators[glyph_name] = mutator
# Construct defaults to copy over
default_source = designspace.findDefault()
copy_feature_text: str = next(
(s.font.features.text for s in designspace.sources if s.copyFeatures),
copy_groups: Mapping[str, List[str]] = next(
(s.font.groups for s in designspace.sources if s.copyGroups),
copy_info: ufoLib2.objects.Info = next(
( for s in designspace.sources if s.copyInfo),,
copy_lib: Mapping[str, Any] = next(
(s.font.lib for s in designspace.sources if s.copyLib),
copy_feature_text: str = default_font.features.text
copy_groups: Mapping[str, List[str]] = default_font.groups
copy_info: ufoLib2.objects.Info =
copy_lib: Mapping[str, Any] = default_font.lib
# The list of glyphs not to export and decompose where used as a component is
# supposed to be taken from the Designspace when a Designspace is used as the
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