Commit af9aa377 authored by Nikolaus Waxweiler's avatar Nikolaus Waxweiler

Update bundled instantiator

parent 002f9670
......@@ -181,21 +181,36 @@ class Instantiator:
"""Instantiates a new data class from a Designspace object."""
if designspace.default is None:
raise InstantiatorError(
"Can't generate UFOs from this designspace: no default font."
raise InstantiatorError(_error_msg_no_default(designspace))
if any(anisotropic(instance.location) for instance in designspace.instances):
raise InstantiatorError(
"The Designspace contains anisotropic instance locations, which are "
"not supported by varLib."
"not supported by varLib. Look for and remove all 'yvalue=\"...\"' or "
"use MutatorMath instead."
glyph_names: Set[str] = set()
# The default font (default layer) determines which glyphs are interpolated,
# because the math behind varLib and MutatorMath uses the default font as the
# point of reference for all data.
default_font = designspace.default.font
glyph_names: Set[str] = set(default_font.keys())
for source in designspace.sources:
other_names = set(source.font.keys())
diff_names = other_names - glyph_names
if diff_names:
"The source %s (%s) contains glyphs that are missing from the "
"default source, which will be ignored: %s. If this is unintended, "
"check that these glyphs have the exact same name as the "
"corresponding glyphs in the default source.",,
", ".join(sorted(diff_names)),
# Construct Variators
axis_bounds: AxisBounds = {} # Design space!
......@@ -213,17 +228,31 @@ class Instantiator:
special_axes[axis.tag] = axis
masters_info = collect_info_masters(designspace, axis_bounds)
info_mutator = Variator.from_masters(masters_info, axis_order)
info_mutator = Variator.from_masters(masters_info, axis_order)
except varLib.errors.VarLibError as e:
raise InstantiatorError(
f"Cannot set up fontinfo for interpolation: {e}'"
) from e
masters_kerning = collect_kerning_masters(designspace, axis_bounds)
kerning_mutator = Variator.from_masters(masters_kerning, axis_order)
kerning_mutator = Variator.from_masters(masters_kerning, axis_order)
except varLib.errors.VarLibError as e:
raise InstantiatorError(
f"Cannot set up kerning for interpolation: {e}'"
) from e
default_font = designspace.findDefault().font
glyph_mutators: Dict[str, Variator] = {}
glyph_name_to_unicodes: Dict[str, List[int]] = {}
for glyph_name in glyph_names:
items = collect_glyph_masters(designspace, glyph_name, axis_bounds)
glyph_mutators[glyph_name] = Variator.from_masters(items, axis_order)
glyph_mutators[glyph_name] = Variator.from_masters(items, axis_order)
except varLib.errors.VarLibError as e:
raise InstantiatorError(
f"Cannot set up glyph '{glyph_name}' for interpolation: {e}'"
) from e
glyph_name_to_unicodes[glyph_name] = default_font[glyph_name].unicodes
# Construct defaults to copy over
......@@ -325,7 +354,11 @@ class Instantiator:
# whatever reason (usually outline incompatibility)...
if glyph_name not in self.skip_export_glyphs:
raise InstantiatorError(
f"Failed to generate instance of glyph '{glyph_name}'."
f"Failed to generate instance of glyph '{glyph_name}': "
f"{str(e)}. (Note: the most common cause for an error here is "
"that the glyph outlines are not point-for-point compatible or "
"have the same starting point or are in the same order in all "
) from e
# ...except if the glyph is in public.skipExportGlyphs and would
......@@ -417,6 +450,28 @@ class Instantiator:
def _error_msg_no_default(designspace: designspaceLib.DesignSpaceDocument) -> str:
if any( for axis in designspace.axes):
bonus_msg = (
"For axes with a mapping, the 'default' values should have an "
"'input=\"...\"' map value, where the corresponding 'output=\"...\"' "
"value then points to the master source."
bonus_msg = ""
default_location = ", ".join(
f"{k}: {v}" for k, v in designspace.newDefaultLocation().items()
return (
"Can't generate UFOs from this Designspace because there is no default "
f"master source at location '{default_location}'. Check that all 'default' "
"values of all axes together point to a single actual master source. "
def location_to_key(location: Location) -> LocationKey:
"""Converts a Location into a sorted tuple so it can be used as a dict
......@@ -452,20 +507,31 @@ def collect_kerning_masters(
designspace: designspaceLib.DesignSpaceDocument, axis_bounds: AxisBounds
) -> List[Tuple[Location, FontMathObject]]:
"""Return master kerning objects wrapped by MathKerning."""
# Always take the groups from the default source. This also avoids fontMath
# making a union of all groups it is given.
groups = designspace.default.font.groups
locations_and_masters = []
for source in designspace.sources:
if source.layerName is not None:
continue # No kerning in source layers.
# If a source has groups, they should match the default's.
if source.font.groups and source.font.groups != groups:
"The source %s (%s) contains different groups than the default source. "
"The default source's groups will be used for the instances.",,
# This assumes that groups of all sources are the same.
normalized_location = varLib.models.normalizeLocation(
source.location, axis_bounds
fontMath.MathKerning(source.font.kerning, source.font.groups),
(normalized_location, fontMath.MathKerning(source.font.kerning, groups))
return locations_and_masters
......@@ -582,17 +648,24 @@ def swap_glyph_names(font: ufoLib2.Font, name_old: str, name_new: str):
glyph_swap.width = glyph_old.width
p = glyph_old.getPointPen()
glyph_old.width = glyph_new.width
p = glyph_new.getPointPen()
glyph_new.width = glyph_swap.width
# 2. Remap components.
# 2. Swap anchors.
glyph_swap.anchors = glyph_old.anchors
glyph_old.anchors = glyph_new.anchors
glyph_new.anchors = glyph_swap.anchors
# 3. Remap components.
for g in font:
for c in g.components:
if c.baseGlyph == name_old:
......@@ -600,7 +673,7 @@ def swap_glyph_names(font: ufoLib2.Font, name_old: str, name_new: str):
elif c.baseGlyph == name_new:
c.baseGlyph = name_old
# 3. Swap literal names in kerning.
# 4. Swap literal names in kerning.
kerning_new = {}
for first, second in font.kerning.keys():
value = font.kerning[(first, second)]
......@@ -615,7 +688,7 @@ def swap_glyph_names(font: ufoLib2.Font, name_old: str, name_new: str):
kerning_new[(first, second)] = value
font.kerning = kerning_new
# 4. Swap names in groups.
# 5. Swap names in groups.
for group_name, group_members in font.groups.items():
group_members_new = []
for name in group_members:
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