Commit b33ab915 authored by Andrés G. Aragoneses's avatar Andrés G. Aragoneses

NEWS: fix typo in authors list

parent 5fcff4dd
......@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ Contributors For This Release
of Banshee. Without their help, there would be no release!
Andres G. Aragoneses, Andrey Gankov, Bertrand Lorentz, Chow Loong Jin,
Dmitriy PetukhovFrank, Frank Ziegler, Marcin Kolny, Michael Catanzaro,
Dmitriy Petukhov, Frank Ziegler, Marcin Kolny, Michael Catanzaro,
Michael Foster, Michał Sawicz, Mirco Bauer, Nicholas Little, Olivier
Dufour, Phil Trimble, Roderich Schupp Sebastian Dröge, Stephan
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