Commit 99c1eb12 authored by Andres G. Aragoneses's avatar Andres G. Aragoneses

build/windows: update gitorious URL to new github URL

Gitorious service was discontinued. Now there's a read-only
facade on its web-server that allows you to download the
mirrored repo backups, but it may be soon disconnected, and
anyway its SSL cert doesn't work. I've copied the repo to our
new github location.
parent 8dfe3d53
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ if not exist banshee goto failure
cd banshee
call %GIT_PATH% submodule update --init
call %GIT_PATH% clone git:// bin
call %GIT_PATH% clone bin
if not exist bin goto failure
echo "Checkout script finished. Banshee is now checked out into the banshee folder. Build it with build\windows\build-banshee.bat or your favorite IDE using Banshee.sln"
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