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NEWS et-al: pre-release 2.9.1 changes

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......@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@ Contributors:
Andrea Cimitan
Andreas Neustifter
Andrew Conkling
Andrey Gankov
Andrés G. Aragoneses
Andy Midgette
Andy Street
......@@ -70,6 +71,7 @@ Contributors:
Diego E. Pettenò
Diego Fernandez
Dinh Ngoc Tu
Dmitriy Petukhov
Dougal Stanton
Dustin C. Hatch
Eitan Isaacson
......@@ -130,13 +132,16 @@ Contributors:
Lauri Kotilainen
Lukas Lipka
Mackenan Grassi
Marcin Kolny
Marijn Ros
Mark Busby
Mark Saunders
Martin Pitt
Matt Enright
Matt Sturgeon
Michael Catanzaro
Michael Farrell
Michael Foster
Michael Kaiser
Michael Martin-Smucker
Michael Monreal
......@@ -144,6 +149,7 @@ Contributors:
Miguel de Icaza
Mike Gemünde
Mike Urbanski
Mirco Bauer
Moritz Schallaböck
Nathan Palmer
Neil Loknath
......@@ -182,6 +188,7 @@ Contributors:
Sebastian Dröge
Shaun McCance
Sjoerd Simons
Stephan Sundermann
Tim Fisken
Tim Yamin
Timo Dörr
Copyright (C) 2005-2011 Novell, Inc.
Copyright (C) 2005–2013 Other Contributors
Copyright (C) 2005–2014 Other Contributors
Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:
Banshee 2.9.0 - 2013-10-08
Banshee 2.9.1 - 2014-03-18
Banshee 2.9.0 is the culmination of twelve months' work by 19 developers,
27 translators and dozens of bug reporters and testers. It is a development
release, the first of the 2.9.x releases leading up to our future stable
Banshee 2.9.1 is the culmination of five months' work by 17 developers,
21 translators and dozens of bug reporters and testers. It is a development
release, the second of the 2.9.x releases leading up to our future stable
release Banshee 3.0.
New Features:
* GTK3
* GStreamer 1.x compatibility
This is the first release using the 3.x version of GTK+, thanks
to work that has been done in Gtk# to bind this version.
This is the first official upstream release compatible with versions of
GStreamer 1.0 or newer.
* Device synchronization for Symbian
* Production-ready GStreamerSharp playback-engine backend, now default
Banshee can now sync media to Symbian devices like Nokia N95. Please
help testing this new feature so we can mention more Symbian devices
in our release notes for Banshee 3!
Our managed backend (that already allowed us to have playback working
in the Windows platform) has been migrated to work with the revamped
GStreamerSharp bindings (GObject-Introspection based, and capable of
binding GStreamer 1.0 or newer) and is now the default one for all
This paves the way to finish the long-standing goal of completely
removing lower-level languages like C from our codebase, to lower
the barrier of entry to new contributors, reduce complexity and
increase stability.
You can still use the optional unmanaged GStreamer backend, but
before doing so we encourage you to provide us any feedback that
you may have about the managed one (reporting bugs or writing to
our forums or mailing lists), because we will deprecate this one
very soon.
* New "MediaPanel" UI, formerly called "MeeGo MediaPanel"
The MeeGo specific UI has been now been renamed to MediaPanel and
you can use it in your desktop environment now, just by clicking
in the Media Panel option under the View menu (this extension is
now enabled by default).
* Add basic AppData file for inclusion in open source app stores
* Add keywords to .desktop entry for easy find in Unity & GNOME Shell (bgo#700524)
* Main UI: make Search textbox remember its size (bgo#653819)
* Lastfm: avoid unnecessary wait when submitting successful scrobbles
* DatabaseImportManager: Add .amr to import whitelist
* PlayerEngine: Add support for accurate seek
* GSettings: implement new, still unused, SchemaExtractor for GSettings
* build: use the gui-thread-check profiler module by default when debugging
* configure: better guess for the C# compiler available
* AppleDeviceSource: use progressUpdaters for all sync operations
Notable Bugs Fixed (37 fixed since 2.6.0):
* bgo#709376: SourceManager: avoid warnings when shutting down
* ArtworkManager: prevent wrong inclusion of null artwork_id in cache
* bgo#686908: libbanshee: Only call volume set callback on Mac
* bgo#706173: Feed: Avoid loop when podcast has date values in the future
* bgo#700753: PrimarySource: fix crash if 1st track had a Dap transcoding error
* bgo#687495: MtpSource: prevent a freeze when dealing with Windows Phone
* bgo#696520: Handle all values from a rowid database column as long
* bgo#699735: Gio: prevent a freeze when mounting a LVM volume
* bgo#692153: InternetRadio: refresh UI after editing station
* bgo#679769: StatisticsPage: Fix crash when no tracks are selected
* bgo#696700: DapPropertiesDialog: Make sure progress bar value is valid
* bgo#696877: PlaylistFileUtil: Only import playlist items that are files
* bgo#692374: Avoid race when using GConf and DBus with threads
* bgo#696111: ListView: when initializing a11y, disable instead of hanging
* bgo#691532: LastFM: display progress for multiple-track scrobbles
* bgo#691696: build: Improve MSBuild experience without autotools
* bgo#689123: DatabaseTrackInfo: don't default to MusicFilePattern when null
* bgo#689018: Audioscrobbler: avoid 414 Request-URI Too Large
* bgo#691971: PrimarySource: Allow cancelling track delete job
* bgo#665268: InternetRadio: Previous should never mean a restart
* bgo#686657: InternetRadio: UI to correctly update status indicator columns
* bgo#658142: Dap: better check for the playing track before ejecting
* bgo#684089: PrimarySource: prevent AddTrackJob respawn if cancelled
* bgo#689016: LastFm: Avoid crashing if scrobbling response is not JSON
* bgo#653282: Dap.MassStorage: not import dirs twice for case-insensitive drives
* bgo#691694: configure: stop using obsolete AutoMake macro
* bnc#798267: build: test dmcs before gmcs when trying to find the compiler
* bgo#577225: RescanPipeline: warn about removal of many tracks
* bgo#688540: Mtp: Fix file type in sync with libmtp > 1.1.0
* bgo#690300: Dap: Settings of DAP sources are not remembered between sessions
* bgo#639947: Dap: Use Unicode codes for quotation marks
* bgo#686584: build: Make gio-hardware be enabled by default
* bgo#686584: build: make GIO backend be enabled by default
* bgo#686582: YouTube: advice about --disable-youtube configuration flag
* bgo#686671: configure: earlier check for glib
* bgo#685920: LastFm: Null check for scrobble parameters
* bgo#685131: Add GTK category in .desktop files to comply with spec
Known issues (unfortunately the major architectural change to GTK3 caused
some problems that we're still looking into):
* bgo#709617: No alternating colors in the ListView
* bgo#709619: ListView header decoration do not match regular TreeView
* bgo#666452: Drag and drop crash banshee on gtk3 branch
* Ubuntu: No text on the main (left) source switching pad when selecting
a source (fixed already in Ubuntu 13.10). To fix this manually in Ubuntu
version 13.04 (or older?), do:
`cd /usr/share/themes && wget -O - -o /dev/null | sudo patch -p0`
* Notifications: use notify-sharp-3.0 in the system if available
* bgo#690010: enable tests by default if NUnit dependency is found
* WebBrowser: drop dependency on 'libsoup-gnome', which was deprecated
* Video: default smart playlists are now invisible when empty, like Music ones
Notable Bugs Fixed (35 fixed since 2.9.0):
* bgo#692374: require dbus-glib-1 to make sure to avoid GConf crashes
* bgo#725870: avoid hang when disconnecting Nexus 5
* bgo#724635: don't crash at iPod sync
* bgo#726336: avoid redundancy in submenu label text
* bgo#725185: avoid importing non-readable files
* bgo#696520: avoid pointless long->int runtime casts
* DBus: don't try to connect in GrabDefaultName() if dbus is disabled
* bgo#724730: avoid aborting MTP access when busy
* bgo#724678: tracks which were in nested folders under Music/ not shown
* bgo#724656: fix potential crashers when ejecting DAP source
* bgo#724645: fix crash at shutdown if MTP was mounted
* bgo#627391: [gapless] fix smooth transition for Repeat-Single mode
* bgo#671221: fix Repeat-All mode if there are less than 3 tracks and Shuffle is ON
* bgo#724515: fix Repeat-OFF mode when Shuffle is ON
* bgo#723889: avoid notifications-related warning printed in the log
* bgo#723040: DapService: avoid freezing Banshee when unmapping device
* bgo#679938: [gapless] Repeat always on
* bgo#674293: [gapless] Banshee ignores "stop when finished"
* bgo#621222: [gapless] Playcount shouldn't be incremented as soon as song plays
* bgo#723005: fix path of image referenced in Help
* bgo#722731: avoid highlighting wrong track after invalid track was played
* bgo#636992: avoid misleading [gapless] token in log
* bgo#722565: advice about nunit-console not available instead of failing
* bgo#720359: avoid 'URI too large' errors at LastFM scrobbling
* bgo#722947: prevent a crash when dealing with Nexus4
* bgo#722209: avoid crash when connecting Nexus4
* bgo#722219: avoid crash when disconnecting Nexus4
* bgo#664887: fail faster if --enable-tests used and NUnit was not found
* bgo#721203: CD audio source doesn't show up when inserting it
* bgo#712656: pkg-config files were still pointing to GTK2 instead of GTK3
* bgo#710266: PlayQueue: fix another GtkCRITICAL at shutdown
* bgo#710423: Fix build of the SoundMenu extension
* bgo#710475: fix build in Osx by avoiding optional parameters
* bgo#710266: avoid GtkCRITICAL in the console at shutdown
* bgo#709717: fix ListView scrolling with mouse wheel (regression from GTK2)
......@@ -95,9 +95,9 @@ SOURCES / PACKAGES
* Banshee 2.9.0 Tarballs:
* Banshee 2.9.1 Tarballs:
hesitate to file bugs!
......@@ -133,19 +133,17 @@ Contributors For This Release
The following people directly contributed to the release of this version
of Banshee. Without their help, there would be no release!
Andres G. Aragoneses, Alex Willmy, Aruna Sankaranarayanan, Bertrand
Lorentz, Chow Loong Jin, Ekaterina Gerasimova, Hans Petter Jansson,
Hans Oesterholt, James Boocock, Michael Farrell, Nicholas Little,
Olivier Dufour, Phil Trimble, Rashid Khan, Samuel Gyger, Sindhu S,
Timo Dörr, Tomasz Maczynski
Andres G. Aragoneses, Andrey Gankov, Bertrand Lorentz, Chow Loong Jin,
Dmitriy PetukhovFrank, Frank Ziegler, Marcin Kolny, Michael Catanzaro,
Michael Foster, Michał Sawicz, Mirco Bauer, Nicholas Little, Olivier
Dufour, Phil Trimble, Roderich Schupp Sebastian Dröge, Stephan
The following people contributed updated translations to this release.
Without them, our project's reach would be much more limited.
Aleksej Kabanov, Alexandre Franke, Andika Triwidada, António Lima,
Aurimas Černius, Balázs Úr, Cheng-Chia Tseng, Daniel Mustieles, Dimitris
Spingos,, Enrico Nicoletto, Fran Diéguez, Hajime
Taira, Jiro Matsuzawa, Joe Hansen, Jordi Mas, Kjartan Maraas, Marek
Černocký, Martin Srebotnjak, Matej Urbančič, Muhammet Kara, Мирослав
Николић, Piotr Drąg, Milagros Alessandra Infante Montero, Rafael
Ferreira, Rūdolfs Mazurs, Wolfgang Stöggl, Yuri Myasoedov
Andika Triwidada, Antonio Fernandes C. Neto, Aurimas Černius, Benjamin
Steinwender, Balázs Úr, Cheng-Chia Tseng, Daniel Mustieles, Dimitris
Spingos, Enrico Nicoletto, Fran Diéguez, Jordi Mas, Marek Černocký,
Martin Srebotnjak, Matej Urbančič, michaeljayt, Мирослав Николић,
Piotr Drąg, Rafael Ferreira, Ricardo Barbosa, Seong-ho Cho, Tiago S.
......@@ -37,11 +37,11 @@
<name>2.9.0 Release</name>
<name>2.9.1 Release</name>
<file-release rdf:resource="" />
<file-release rdf:resource="" />
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ using System.Runtime.CompilerServices;
[assembly: AssemblyVersion ("@ASM_VERSION@")]
[assembly: AssemblyTitle ("Banshee")]
[assembly: AssemblyDescription ("Banshee Media Player")]
[assembly: AssemblyCopyright ("Copyright (C) 2005-2010 Novell Inc. and others")]
[assembly: AssemblyCopyright ("Copyright (C) 2005-2014 Novell Inc. and others")]
[assembly: AssemblyCompany ("Novell, Inc.")]
[AttributeUsage (AttributeTargets.Assembly, Inherited = false)]
......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@
<contributor>Andrea Cimitan</contributor>
<contributor>Andreas Neustifter</contributor>
<contributor>Andrew Conkling</contributor>
<contributor>Andrey Gankov</contributor>
<contributor>Andrés G. Aragoneses</contributor>
<contributor>Andy Midgette</contributor>
<contributor>Andy Street</contributor>
......@@ -68,6 +69,7 @@
<contributor>Diego E. Pettenò</contributor>
<contributor>Diego Fernandez</contributor>
<contributor>Dinh Ngoc Tu</contributor>
<contributor>Dmitriy Petukhov</contributor>
<contributor>Dougal Stanton</contributor>
<contributor>Dustin C. Hatch</contributor>
<contributor>Eitan Isaacson</contributor>
......@@ -128,13 +130,16 @@
<contributor>Lauri Kotilainen</contributor>
<contributor>Lukas Lipka</contributor>
<contributor>Mackenan Grassi</contributor>
<contributor>Marcin Kolny</contributor>
<contributor>Marijn Ros</contributor>
<contributor>Mark Busby</contributor>
<contributor>Mark Saunders</contributor>
<contributor>Martin Pitt</contributor>
<contributor>Matt Enright</contributor>
<contributor>Matt Sturgeon</contributor>
<contributor>Michael Catanzaro</contributor>
<contributor>Michael Farrell</contributor>
<contributor>Michael Foster</contributor>
<contributor>Michael Kaiser</contributor>
<contributor>Michael Martin-Smucker</contributor>
<contributor>Michael Monreal</contributor>
......@@ -142,6 +147,7 @@
<contributor>Miguel de Icaza</contributor>
<contributor>Mike Gemünde</contributor>
<contributor>Mike Urbanski</contributor>
<contributor>Mirco Bauer</contributor>
<contributor>Moritz Schallaböck</contributor>
<contributor>Nathan Palmer</contributor>
<contributor>Neil Loknath</contributor>
......@@ -180,6 +186,7 @@
<contributor>Sebastian Dröge</contributor>
<contributor>Shaun McCance</contributor>
<contributor>Sjoerd Simons</contributor>
<contributor>Stephan Sundermann</contributor>
<contributor>Tim Fisken</contributor>
<contributor>Tim Yamin</contributor>
<contributor>Timo Dörr</contributor>
......@@ -183,6 +183,7 @@
<language code="pt" name="Portuguese">
<person>António Lima</person>
<person>Filipe Gomes</person>
<person>Tiago S.</person>
<language code="pt_BR" name="Brazilian Portuguese">
<person>Amanda Magalhães</person>
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