Commit 5aef9d43 authored by Stephan Sundermann's avatar Stephan Sundermann Committed by Andrés G. Aragoneses

ThickClient: fix left menu in gtk3.14 (bgo#749960)

Rendering of the left sources panel got broken
somewhere between gtk 3.10 and gtk 3.14, as some
treeview rendering mechanisms might have changed:
now OnRender is not called anymore when the width
is 0; so let's call the base implementation of
OnGetPreferredWidth() here instead.

This fixes the main glitch about using Banshee
2.9.x in Ubuntu 15.04, for example, which already
bundles gtk 3.14.x.
parent 750c7d2c
......@@ -129,7 +129,7 @@ namespace Banshee.Sources.Gui
if (!(widget is TreeView)) {
minimum_width = natural_width = 200;
} else {
minimum_width = natural_width = 0;
base.OnGetPreferredWidth (widget, out minimum_width, out natural_width);
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