Commit 4eeebb97 authored by Andrés G. Aragoneses's avatar Andrés G. Aragoneses

hyena: Update to HEAD, fixing last deprecation warnings

Update hyena submodule to HEAD (which fixes deprecation warnings),
and fix one last appearance of Hyena.Log.Exception().
parent 84d3448f
......@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@ namespace Banshee.Dap.Mtp
try {
devices = MtpDevice.Detect ();
} catch (TypeInitializationException e) {
Log.Exception (e);
Log.Error (e); // even if this is not a generic-catch block, e.InnerException should probably be checked here
Log.Error (
Catalog.GetString ("Error Initializing MTP Device Support"),
Catalog.GetString ("There was an error initializing MTP device support."), true
Hyena @ d7e10dd1
Subproject commit 0c17305e2bd98f6cd6408ee011661e3e41f3c8ea
Subproject commit d7e10dd1778e53e33c44888cab5a5e4ea8d2c4eb
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