Commit 1692745e authored by Gabriel Burt's avatar Gabriel Burt

[release] Update NEWS with bug fixes since 1.5.6

parent 479f5b06
* Add mnemonics to track editor fields and import dialog
* Make previous button go back if less than 4 seconds into a song
Notable Bugs Fixed (since 1.5.6):
* Fix device support on upcoming distros with DeviceKit rename
* Restore equalizer preset correctly (bgo#614313)
* Handle broken symlinks correctly (bgo#614065)
* Allow overriding Android, Maeomo, WebOS default settings (bgo#611991)
* Fix crash deleting playlist on mass storage device (bgo#613734)
* Fix issue with iTunes importer dialog sizing (bgo#613607)
* Fix play count calculation with gapless enabled (bgo#613418)
* Handle exceptions thrown by old plugins (Mirage, etc)
* Use panel-specific (eg monochrome) icon in notification area
* OS X build/bundle improvements
* Fix Windows compilation issues
* Fix gettext locale selection on Windows
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