Commit f9315755 authored by Peter Bloomfield's avatar Peter Bloomfield
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mime: No trailing comma in a URL

The regex that Balsa uses to identify a URL in a plain text message part
already omits a trailing period ('.') from the match, as it is usually
punctuation and not part of the URL. This commit additionally removes a comma
(',') from the last character match, for the same reason: more likely to be
punctuation. This of course breaks the identification of a URL that *does* end
in a comma, but that appears to be less likely than erroneously including one.

Discussion at #59.
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......@@ -854,7 +854,9 @@ get_url_reg(void)
/* do not include a trailing period or comma as part of the match;
* it is more likely to be punctuation than part of a URL */
"url regex compilation failed"
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