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Release balsa-2.5.7

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2019-05-25 Pawel Salek <>
* NEWS, Release balsa-2.5.7
2019-05-22 Albrecht Dreß <>
Mitigate “Re: What's Up Johnny?” vulnerabilities
* Balsa-2.5.7 release. Release date 2019-05-25
Changes with respect to 2.5.6 tag:
- mitigate “Re: What's Up Johnny?” vulnerabilities
- code cleanup and adaptations to changing libraries.
New minimal requirements are: GLib - 2.48, Gtk3 - 3.18
- fix bugs in referencing images from HTML emails
- encryption: key selection improvents
- printing HTML parts
- Menu tree UI improvements.
- improved IMAP folder configuration
- IMAP and POP code ported to use glib / gio.
- other bug fixes
* Balsa-2.5.6 release. Release date 2018-06-01
Changes wrt to 2.5.5 tag:
......@@ -531,7 +547,7 @@ This is first release of GNOME2 port.
- new icons (Ali Akcaagac).
- handling MIME external-body types: receiving and sending.
- forwarding messages as attachement (Albrecht Dre).
- forwarding messages as attachement (Albrecht Dreß).
- handling format=flowed messages (Peter Bloomfield, rfc2646).
- improved handling of collapsed threads (Toralf Lund, Carlos).
- handling of distribution lists for LDIF address books (Toralf Lund).
......@@ -589,9 +605,9 @@ This is first release of GNOME2 port.
* Balsa-1.1.5 development release. Release date 2001-05-21
- libESMTP used for message submission: AUTH and PIPELINE extension available.
- active URLs in text messages. (Albrecht Dre)
- active URLs in text messages. (Albrecht Dreß)
- pipe signature support. (Julian M Catchen)
- printing rewritten: printing images etc. (Albrecht Dre)
- printing rewritten: printing images etc. (Albrecht Dreß)
* Balsa-1.1.4 development release. Release date 2001-04-20
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