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    improve dealing with user credentials · c7e8a261
    Albrecht Dreß authored
    This patch improves using Balsa binaries built with “libsecret” support
    in situations where the Secret Service is not available or usable.  It
    should fix the issues described in #52
    .  To this end, an environment
    variable is used to force using the obfuscated config file.
    Any libsecret error messages are reported through desktop notifications
    instead of just writing them as debug messages.
    Add a toggle icon to password text entry widgets to show/hide the value
    (note: not in the GcrUi.PromptDialog).
    Signed-off-by: default avatarAlbrecht Dreß <>
    - libbalsa/address-book-(carddav|ldap).c, libbalsa/server.c: refactor
      loading and saving credentials, respect the env. variable to disable
      using libsecret, use password entry helper
    - libbalsa/libbalsa-conf.[ch]: add method to check the env. variable to
      disable using libsecret
    - libbalsa/misc.[ch]: add helper to configure a GtkEnry as password
      entry, with a toggle icon to show/hide the valu...