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These roles are needed to improve the accessibility of rich text editors
and other collaborative tools. The new roles parallel what was added to
IAccessible2 in Windows.
parent 04f132af
......@@ -223,6 +223,18 @@ G_BEGIN_DECLS
*@ATK_ROLE_CONTENT_INSERTION: Content previously inserted or proposed to be
* inserted, e.g. in revision history or a content view providing suggestions
* from reviewers. (Since: 2.34)
*@ATK_ROLE_MARK: A run of content that is marked or highlighted, such as for
* reference purposes, or to call it out as having a special purpose. If the
* marked content has an associated section in the document elaborating on the
* reason for the mark, then %ATK_RELATION_DETAILS should be used on the mark
* to point to that associated section. In addition, the reciprocal relation
* %ATK_RELATION_DETAILS_FOR should be used on the associated content section
* to point back to the mark. (Since: 2.36)
*@ATK_ROLE_SUGGESTION: A container for content that is called out as a proposed
* change from the current version of the document, such as by a reviewer of the
* content. This role should include either %ATK_ROLE_CONTENT_DELETION and/or
* %ATK_ROLE_CONTENT_INSERTION children, in any order, to indicate what the
* actual change is. (Since: 2.36)
*@ATK_ROLE_LAST_DEFINED: not a valid role, used for finding end of the enumeration
* Describes the role of an object
......@@ -358,6 +370,8 @@ typedef enum
} AtkRole;
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