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Update documentation for atk_text_set_caret_offset.

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......@@ -1031,6 +1031,22 @@ atk_text_set_selection (AtkText *text,
* Sets the caret (cursor) position to the specified @offset.
* In the case of rich-text content, this method should either grab focus
* or move the sequential focus navigation starting point (if the application
* supports this concept) as if the user had clicked on the new caret position.
* Typically, this means that the target of this operation is the node containing
* the new caret position or one of its ancestors. In other words, after this
* method is called, if the user advances focus, it should move to the first
* focusable node following the new caret position.
* Calling this method should also scroll the application viewport in a way
* that matches the behavior of the application's typical caret motion or tab
* navigation as closely as possible. This also means that if the application's
* caret motion or focus navigation does not trigger a scroll operation, this
* method should not trigger one either. If the application does not have a caret
* motion or focus navigation operation, this method should try to scroll the new
* caret position into view while minimizing unnecessary scroll motion.
* Returns: %TRUE if successful, %FALSE otherwise.
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