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    Annotate the Public Symbols in Public Headers · ca5ea1bd
    Chun-wei Fan authored
    This includes atk/atkversion.h in all the public headers, either directly
    or via atk/atkobject.h, and annotates the public symbols in the headers,
    which all lead to _ATK_EXTERN via one of ATK_AVAILABLE_IN_ALL,
    ATK_DEPRECATED_IN_X_Y or ATK_DEPRECATED_IN_X_Y_FOR, depending on which
    stable release series the API was introduced or deprecated.
    _ATK_EXTERN which can then be defined in a way during the build, so that
    these symbols can be exported automatically using compiler directives.
    Also use _ATK_EXTERN for ATK_VAR in atk/atkmisc.h during the build so that
    variables can also be properly exported.