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      bus: Rewrite a11y bus management, don't fall back to session bus · ce599c14
      Colin Walters authored
      First of all, there should *always* be an a11y bus; if I enable
      toolkit-accessibility, and apps pick that up but then libat-spi falls
      back to the session bus, that's broken.
      Fix this by rewriting the a11y bus launcher in C, making it a persistent
      session service, and giving it a DBus API (bus name: org.a11y.Bus).  It
      will start the bus process as a child dynamically; however if
      toolkit-accessibility is enabled, we start it on startup.  For more
      information, see the new file bus/README.
      * Create a .service file so the session bus autostarts us if
      * The .desktop file is changed to use --start-immediately
      * Remove the kill_accessibility_bus() hack in registryd; instead
        we chain at-spi-bus-launcher to the session bus lifecycle.
      * Change at-spi bus lookup to try both the new session bus API
        and the X11 root window property.
      * Create libregistry-internals.la which encapsulates a11y bus
        lookup logic, de-duplicating from atspi/ and registryd/.
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    • Mike Gorse's avatar
      Fix for BGO#643110: Do not allow all users to connect to the accessibility bus · 7783b5e6
      Mike Gorse authored
      Allowing all users to connect to the accessibility bus creates a security
      issue where one user could control applications being run by another user.
      So we'll only allow root to connect, so that applications running as root are
      still accessible.  This assumes that dbus-daemon is running as the user who
      is currently logged in.
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