Commit a0af0bcb authored by Mike Gorse's avatar Mike Gorse

Fix for BGO#663992: set STATE_FOCUSED for a "focus" event

Sometimes gtk does not initially emit a state-change event when an
accessible initially gains focus, so assume that, if it sends a "focus"
event, then it is gaining STATE_FOCUSED.

AT-SPI doesn't seem like the right place for this kind of check, but,
for the sake of getting something working in time for the release, I'm
committing the change but only in gnome-3-2.
parent 166209e1
......@@ -897,6 +897,9 @@ _atspi_dbus_handle_event (DBusConnection *bus, DBusMessage *message, void *data)
cache_process_state_changed (&e);
/* see BGO#663992 */
else if (!strncmp (e.type, "focus", 5) && e.source->states)
e.source->states->states |= (1 << ATSPI_STATE_FOCUSED);
_atspi_send_event (&e);
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