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    bus-launch: add dbus-broker support · d7f47c99
    Tom Gundersen authored
    Both dbus-daemon and dbus-broker are now optional at compile-time, though
    at least one must be configured. A new configuration option is introduce in
    order to select the default implementation attempted at runtime. The other
    implementation will function as a fall-back (in case support for both are
    compiled in). If no default is selected, dbus-daemon remains the default as
    Unlike dbus-daemon, dbus-broker requires at-spi-bus-launch to create the
    listening socket and pass it in, rather than having the bus do that and send
    back the address. For now we follow what dbus-daemon does, and create a socket
    in the abstract namespace, though it might be more suitable to create a socket
    The only difference users should observe is that daemons are no longer spawned
    by the bus implementation, but spawned and managed by the systemd user instance,
    though this should not lead to a difference in behavior. In particular this
    applies to `org.a11y.atspi.Registry`.
    For non-linux and non-systemd systems, dbus-daemon should continue to be used.
       - drop the --verbose switch, which is no longer supported
       - make dbus-daemon optional too
       - allow the default implementation to be selected]
    Signed-off-by: 's avatarTom Gundersen <teg@jklm.no>