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    Build fixes · ccbc1b95
    Patrick Welche authored
    * Don't use complicated and frail gnome-autogen (eg Bug 537772)
      when autoreconf suffices.
    * Add prerequisits to configure.ac.
    * Modernise to LT_INIT and AS_HELP.
    * Don't throw away X_LIBS information from AC_PATH_XTRA.
    * Various desktop Makefile rules: $< is not defined in explicit
      rules. (GNU make extension?)
    * Make recursively expands variables, so use it rather than AS_AC_EXPAND.
      This also conforms to the GNU coding standards which mandate that a
      user must be able to "make prefix=/somewhere/else install"
    * Check installed glib has g_ptr_array_new_with_free_func which we use.
    * Xtst test and following failed because glib-2.0 ended up in LIBS
      thanks to pkg-config, hence save_LIBS dance.
    * Fix help message as --disable-relocate is the default.
    * Look for dbus-daemon rather than fallback to the bindir we are
      installing to, and remove the DBUS_DAEMONDIR define inherited
      from "dbus".
    * Make use of bus/Makefile.am, and actually install at-spi-dbus-bus and
      the desktop file.
    * Tested with make distcheck on NetBSD-current/i386 and ubuntu 10.04.1/i386
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