Merge atk and at-spi2-atk repositories into at-spi2-core

Merged Federico Mena Quintero requested to merge federico/at-spi2-core:prepare-for-merge into master

This is The Great Merge that I have been talking about. The idea is that by merging the at-spi2-core, atk, and at-spi2-atk repositories into a single one, we can write end-to-end or integration tests more easily and refactor all three modules quickly.

  • Prepare atk repository for merging, in this personal branch
  • Prepare at-spi2-atk repository for merging this personal branch
  • Merge atk's history into at-spi2-core
  • Merge at-spi2-atk's history into at-spi2-core
  • Hook atk/ library sources into the build
  • Hook tests/atk into the build
  • Hook docs/atk into the build
  • Add CI job for building the reference docs
  • Add CI job for deploying the reference docs to gitlab pages (done, not tested)
  • Hook droute sources from at-spi2-atk into the build
  • Hook atk-adaptor sources from at-spi2-atk into the build
  • Hook tests/at-spi2-atk into the build
  • Merge atk-po translations into the main po directory
  • Link to libatspi reference docs from
  • Link to atk reference docs from
  • Add maintainer info from atk.doap and at-spi2-atk.doap into at-spi2-core.doap
  • Add a devel-docs/ document.

After the repo merge:

  • Tasks moved to #54

CC @mgorse @ebassi @joanmarie @sthibaul

Notes on the merge:

  • I have not included the part in at-spi2-atk that made it possible to use atk's deprecated functions without warnings. I do want to fix the use of those deprecations in at-spi2-atk, and just leave the old functions available in atk for ABI compatibility with existing apps.
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