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devel-docs: New chapter on modernizing the python stack

CC @mgorse @joanmarie @sthibaul @ebassi

This MR has a new chapter for the roadmap / development guide. It has some details on what I would like to do to add CI to the Python stack and modernize the code bit by bit.

I'm especially interested in @joanmarie's comments, since I don't want to just go and start trampling over Orca 😃

Your comments are much appreciated!


  • Merge pyatspi2 into at-spi2-core.
  • Disappear pyatspi2 gradually by making Orca use the GI-generated bindings to libatspi.
  • Add CI to Orca and release it in tandem with at-spi2-core.

but please do read the document - it has explanatory detail on the points above.

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