1. 24 Feb, 2011 1 commit
    • Mike Gorse's avatar
      Device events now use uint32 for hw_code and modifiers in the IPC · 01018da6
      Mike Gorse authored
      Changed device event IPC to use uint32 for hw_code and modifiers, to be
      more consistent with the rest of the API.
      Kept AT-SPI struct using gushorts to avoid ABI break, and the registry daemon
      will continue to accept the old API as well as the new for now.
  2. 12 Feb, 2010 2 commits
    • Mark Doffman's avatar
      Modify the interface name from org.freedesktop.atspi to · 3ab84d89
      Mark Doffman authored
      This is because the protocol is defined by the a11y group at
      the linux foundation and has not been discussed on freedesktop
      or over the xdg lists.
    • Mark Doffman's avatar
      Completely re-work the protocol definitions. · 5ff3694f
      Mark Doffman authored
      The XML has been re-done without the telepathy extensions.
      An 'idl' has been added. This is NOT currently the canonical
      protocol definition. It has more information than the XML
      spec but is written in a pseudo idl for which there is no
      parser. In the future the protocol should be defined to a similar
      standard. The requirements for moving to canonical IDL
      are that it is useful for generating Qt / GBus bindings.
      Add a script to create c literals of introspection
      data out of the introspection XML.