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      * cspi/Makefile.am: · b7faf0a7
      marcm authored
      		Added spi-util.c.
      	* cspi/spi-util.c:
      		Fixed typo
      	* cspi/spi.c:
      		Added interface implementation c files to list of
      			includes so they are included in libcspi.
      	* cspi/spi.h:
      		Changed prototype of AccessibleAction_doAction to return a boolean.
      		Changed prototype of AccessibleTable_getCaption to
      			return an Accessible.
      		Changed prototype of AccessibleTable_getSelectedRows
      			and AccessibleTable_getSelectedColumns to
      			return a long (returns the number of selected rows or columns
      		Changed name of AccessibleText_refRunAttributes to
      		Changed prototype of AccessibleText_getCharacterExtents to return a void rather than a
      			boolean. Addded support for a AccessibleCoordType parameter specifying what type of coordinates are desired.
      		Added an AccessibleCordType parameter to
      	* cspi/spi_accessible.c:
      		Added code to return the outstanding interfaces from
      	* cspi/spi_action.c:
      		Fixed typos.
      		Corrected call to getNActions to call the c binding
      			for an attribute.
      	* cspi/spi_editabletext.c:
      		Fixed typos.
      		Changed name from setRunAttributes to setAttributes.
      	* cspi/spi_hyperlink.c:
      		Fixed typos.
      		Changed call to getNAnchors to correctly call the c
      			binding for an attribute.
      	* cspi/spi_hypertext.c:
      		Fixed typos.
      		Changed getImageDescription to correctly call the
      			binding for an attribute.
      	* cspi/spi_selection.c:
      		Changed getNSelectedChildren to correctly call the c
      			binding for the attribute.
      		Changed refSelectedChild to getSelectedChild.
      	* cspi/spi_table.c:
      		Fixed typos.
      		Changed getCaption to return an Accessible.
      		Fixed calls which retrieve attributes.
      		Changed refAt to getAccessibleAt.
      		Changed getNSelectedRows and getNSelectedColumns to
      			return longs.
      	* cspi/spi_text.c:
      		Changed getCharacterExtents and getPointAtOffset to accept an
      		Fixed typos.
      		Changed calls which retrieve attributes.
      		Changed refRunAttributes to getAttributes.
      	* cspi/spi_value.c:
      		Fixed typos.
      	* idl/Hyperlink.idl:
      		Changed n_anchors attribute to nAnchors to keep naming
      			convention consistent.
      	* idl/Table.idl:
      		Made Table inherit from Bonobo::Unknown.
      		Added nSelectedColumns and nSelectedRows attributes.
      	* idl/Value.idl:
      		Made Value inherit from Bonobo::Unknown.
      	* libspi/hyperlink.c:
      		Change for nAnchors attributte name change.
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