1. 01 May, 2002 1 commit
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      impl. · d51b4bbe
      Philip Van Hoof authored
      2002-05-01  Philip Van Hoof <freax@pandora.be>
      	* widgets/gnomefilelist.[ch] (history_combo_go),
      	(history_combo_clicked): impl.
      	(gnome_filelist_new_with_path): use this new impl.
      2002-05-01  Stephane Demurget  <demurgets@free.fr>
      	* src/project_dbase_gui.c (add_file): added the xpm file type.
      2002-04-30  Biswapesh Chattopadhyay  <biswapesh_chatterjee@tcscal.co.in>
      	Patch reviewed by Stephane Demurget <demurgets@free.fr> except for the
      	tag manager fixes.
      	* src/anjuta.[ch]: Changed local tag list to use line numbers instead
      	  of tag types.
      	* src/an_symbol_view.[ch], src/mainmenu_callbacks.[ch],
      	  src/text_editor_menu.c: Added context sensitive search in symbol
      	  browser and editor.
      	* configure.in: Changed version number to
      	* scripts/anjuta_import.sh.in, scripts/anjuta_project.template,
      	  src/project_import.c: Minor changes to project import facility.
      	* src/preferences.[ch], src/preferences_gui.c: Fix for bug #537273
      	  (Forced to use specific brace format)
      	* tagmanager/include/tm_tag.h, tagmanager/include/tm_workspace.h,
      	  tagmanager/tm_tag.c, tagmanager/tm_work_object.c,
      	  tagmanager/tm_workspace.c: Minor TagManager fixes and updates.
  2. 27 Jan, 2002 1 commit
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      Added two new prject attributes: project.config.blocked and · 109b017d
      Naba Kumar authored
      	* src/project_config.h, project_config.c,
      	  src/project_dbase.h, project_dbase.h
      	  Added two new prject attributes: project.config.blocked and
      	  project.excluded.modules. The former will make sure that users
      	  are not given any previlidge in enabling the 'overwrite build
      	  files' flags and the later issues a list of modules in the project
      	  to be skipped for symbol browsing and project listing.
      	* configure.in, scripts/anjuta_import.sh, scripts/Makefile.am:
      	  Modified script to read the template from the anjuta data dir
      	  rather than from the directory in which the script exist. Otherwise,
      	  Being transfered to the bin dir, the script will not be able to
      	  find the template when it is run.
      	  The script is also create with configure.in to set in the anjuta
      	  data dir path inside the script.
  3. 26 Jan, 2002 1 commit