1. 26 Sep, 2004 1 commit
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      Updated, added missing files. · b64b58d9
      Naba Kumar authored
      	* po/POTFILES.in: Updated, added missing files.
      	* .cvsignore: Updated.
      	* libanjuta/anjuta-utils.[h,c]: Functions take constant parameters. Added
      	a new function to get User input text.
      	* libanjuta/resources.[c,h]: Added a function to created sized image.
      	* libanjuta/interfaces/libanjuta.idl: Changed parameter name to uri
      	from filename, as thats the correct representation.
      	* plugins/build-basic-autotools/Makefile.am,
      	(added) plugins/build-basic-autotools/automake-c.filters,
      	Rearragned UI elements in the build menu. Added codes to read build
      	filter rules from external file. Implemented all build, configure,
      	autogen commands. Watches current editor and project.
      	* plugins/editor/anjuta-docman.[c,h], plugins/editor/plugin.c:
      	Added editor changed signal and exports current editor value.
      	Fixed parameter names. Fixed get_uri() interface implementation to
      	return correct uri.
      	* plugins/editor/anjuta-document-manager.ui: Removed unnecessary UI
      	* plugins/file-loader/anjuta-loader-plugin.ui: Added New UI element.
      	* plugins/file-manager/an_file_view.c,
      	plugins/file-manager/an_file_view.c: Exports file uri correctly.
      	* plugins/file-wizard/file.c: Reads uri correctly.
      	* plugins/message-view/anjuta-msgman.c: Sizes tab images properly and
      	sets the page to the new view.
      	* plugins/message-view/message-view.c: Unrefs the tree model when done.
      	Fixed signal connecting.
      	* plugins/project-manager/plugin.c: Changed "project_root_directory"
      	to "project_root_uri" and exports as uri.