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Improved search relace dialog.

	* plugins/editor/ Improved search
	relace dialog.
parent f71b1a38
2005-02-01 Naba Kumar <> 2005-02-01 Naba Kumar <>
* plugins/editor/ Improved search
relace dialog.
* TODO.tasks: Fixed xml format. * TODO.tasks: Fixed xml format.
* plugins/editor/aneditor.cxx: Added code to trap 'tab' key (does not * plugins/editor/aneditor.cxx: Added code to trap 'tab' key (does not
TODO List:
Anjuta 2.0: TODO is maintained in TODO.tasks files (xml format). Use Anjuta task manager
to view/edit it.
o Added search() method in IAnjutaHelp interface and implement it in
devhelp plugin.
o Implement show method in AnjutaShell that shows (or brings up
if already show) the widgets docked to the shell.
o Restore Editor dirty indicator in editor tabs.
Anjuta 1.x:
o Some STDOUT and STDERR outputs are missing at the end.
o Apply branch patches to HEAD - esp. Jean-Noel's patches to comment/S&R
Search/Replace and Tools done. Need to apply the comment patch.
o Breakpoints does not get reloaded from session.
o Busy indicator (flashing LED) not yet implemented.
o Build preferences (-k) not being saved.
o Anjuta can open same file in multiple text editors.
--> TagManager should not remove the file from it's database if
another copy of the file is still open -- it crashes.
o Support "Style themes".
o Debugger windows should not be updated if it's not shown
--> freeze/thaw.
o Anjuta UI (menus and toolbars) -- freeze/thaw.
o Keybindings editor.
o Add ignore modules in Project config: Tagmanager does not ignore them.
Biswa: 'Rebuild Tags Image' now syncs tagManager with project file list.
o Compiler options: supports
o add credits for ALL new contributors
o update manual
o project manager changes
o Add minibuffer-support (for vi and emacs key bindings)
o Add Corba client for external access.
o List all external tools used by Anjuta and warn user about missing tools
on first run.
o More powerful Search, Search&Replace, Find In Files, etc. (422986, 533297)
Notes: Have a look at regexxer (uses PCRE). Might be a good idea to reuse the
code there to revamp the current search/replace interface.
o Better support for other languages, e.g., Java, Perl, Python, etc.
a) TagManager integration (tags, symbol browser, autocomplete, etc.)
b) Project types (new project, import, etc.)
c) Build and execute support (Make, Build, Execute, etc.)
o Revamp wizards:
a) New project wizards (Applets, Java, Empty, Web (HTML/PHP), QT/KDE, SDL, OpenGL) (442139, 596075)
b) Template based wizards for projects, files and code snippets. (495228)
c) Enhance project wizards so that the projects do useful stuff out-of-the-box.
d) More flexibility in wizards.
e) get ideas from VC++, KDevelop, Kylix, etc.
f) Custom wizard (import specified extensions only).
g) Better (more flexible) GUI ( Glade based ? Organized by Tabs ala VC ?).
o Revamp Scintilla interface:
a) Upgrade to latest Scintilla and SciTE.
Biswa: Done. However, we should try to make Scintilla into a seperate dependency so
that Scintilla updates can be automatic. This is a bit tricky since the code is pretty
tightly integrated.
b) Fix bugs present in Anjuta but not in SciTE.
c) More editor preferences in GUI covering all SciTE/Scintilla properties.
d) GUI to map file extensions to languages (Editor + TagManager).
e) Better highliting, more languages, better indentation, etc.
f) Saving editor preferences on a per-project/multiple presets basis (554492)
g) Ability to use multibyte and fonts of different charsets
h) Feature requests (489114, 505305, 515658, 533298, 537126, 537127, 566266, 578281, 581258, 593493
, 594431, 595979, 598005, 604601, 606759)
i) GUI for all Scintilla/SciTE preferences (605029)
j) As many ultraedit features as possible - seems like a very popular editor :-)
o Revamp project manager: (existing/integrate Stef's one ?)
a) Support multiple targets of different types (static/shared libs, executables, etc.)
b) Import from an existing autotools project (566640)
c) Better support for editing,, etc. (566640)
d) Support projects in different languages (Java, HTML/PHP, Python, etc.) (523977, 559165, 618585)
e) Support large and flexible projects (442416, 549337, 553579)
f) GUI enhancements (552209)
g) More flexible make/build system to support cons, ant, etc. (555469, 556364, 558725, 596074, 604171)
h) Import project files of other IDEs (VC++, Borland C++, KDevelop, etc.) (593474)
o Support user-configurable tools (Tools menu + tool editor) with variable substitution (484187)
Biswa: Done.
o Integration with tools like valgrind, gcov, gtk-doc, Doxygen, gprof, etc.
Biswa: Tools support does a decent job of integrating external tools. Need scripting
support to integrate some tools better.
o Code refactoring (needs sourcebase) (450159)
o Better code browsing:
a) Implement intellisense completion (497039, 522445, 604756)
b) Call graphs and code reference visualization (ala Source Navigator)
c) Better class browser (namespace support, nested classes, more languages, etc.) (521245, 529830, 539573, 556364)
d) Make symbol browser work without project & remember expanded nodes while refreshing (577026)
e) Local symbol view (583349)
o Make debugger interface more flexible:
a) Allow user to use different debugger (e.g. dbx on Solaris) (500392)
b) Better support for multi-threaded programs.
c) Multi-paned and better integrated with PM (566262)
d) Ability to pass custom commands to the debugger and show the output (602798)
e) Integrate the watch window in the messages pane after Locals (599543)
o More and better tranlations (Korean, etc.)
o Generic GUI/usability improvements:
a) Two find-in-files tabs ala VC++
b) Easy switching between various windows using shortcuts (560887)
c) Add 'Save' button to the editor context menu. (561310)
d) Support 'Sessions' i.e. group of files from different locations (561744)
e) Add to project from the file menu (562068)
f) Better patching, diffing and merging support ala gtkdiff (570397)
g) Use custom tools for indentation (577030)
Biswa: Possible now with external tools implementation.
h) Shortcut to jump between open files (577381)
i) Copy selection from the message pane (581498)
j) Make file and symbol browsers work outside project mode (585416)
k) Customizable menus, toolbars and shortcuts (595361, 595363, 596346)
l) Display output in message window rather than a console (604179)
o Make version control more flexible (so that BitKeeper, Arch, Subversion, etc. can be used) (607873)
o Mono (C#) support (standalone files, projects, class browser, wizards, etc.) (614374)
o gnome-db support (617267)
o Comments in source files
o Being able to open a source rpm (.src.rpm) or a .tgz tarball and have it
imported as a project
Biswa: project Import does a decent job of importing an arbitrary directory. Should
be good enough for most purposes.
o Debugger optimization
o Utilities
Biswa: Generic tools implementation allows integrating arbitrary utilities into
the GUI.
o Integration with glade, gtranslator, eog and other bonobo components
o Double/single click open file in preferences.
o Use GtkHTML if available to browse online documentation/manuals
o easy (S)RPMS & Debian packages build
(assistant and/or edit the spec or debian dir)
o use PHP vars like C ones (with the tags bar); easy since they all
begin with $
o > When the windows are docked, and we resize the main window of Anjuta,
> the docked window doesn't move with the resize. As an example, I had
> the build window at the bottom of the main window and when resizing the
> window to make it smaller on the vertical axis the build window didn't
> moved up. A user friendly behavior would be to move the window up and
> keep it proportianally with the main window or something like that.
Well, that's a problem with the GtkPanedWindows, but I thing we make a
temporary work around fix in anjuta by capturing the resize signal of
the concerned widgets. Anybody care to have look in it? :-)
o > I had been using Multi-Edit in Windows days, and it had a great feature
> for browsing code (Vim also has it). It's a cross between searching
> and syntax highlighting. You enter a regular expression in a
> search-like window, and it highlights all occurences of that expression
> and leaves it that way for as long as you want (like syntax
> highlighting). I just set it to normal text on a yellow background so
> it's easy to see and easy to read. This is very useful when trying to
> learn how a function or variable is used. I used it all the time when
> learning someone else's code, and it's great for following registers in
> assembly code.
> This is one of those things that became a habit for me and I really miss
> it. I'll gladly buy someone beer, lunch, dinner, or whatever if they
> can add this feature!
So, watch out guys! Atleast don't miss the beer. :-)
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