Commit 92baf812 authored by James Liggett's avatar James Liggett

git: Widget name fixes

parent e3893735
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ on_ok_action_activated (GtkAction *action, GitCherryPickPane *self)
plugin = ANJUTA_PLUGIN_GIT (anjuta_dock_pane_get_plugin (ANJUTA_DOCK_PANE (self)));
cherry_pick_revision_entry = ANJUTA_ENTRY (gtk_builder_get_object (self->priv->builder,
no_commit_action = GTK_TOGGLE_ACTION (gtk_builder_get_object (self->priv->builder,
show_source_check = GTK_TOGGLE_BUTTON (gtk_builder_get_object (self->priv->builder,
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