Commit 7ff09d2f authored by Sebastien Granjoux's avatar Sebastien Granjoux

tools: Remove weak pointer when the context is destroyed

parent a455814a
......@@ -687,8 +687,14 @@ atp_output_context_destroy (ATPOutputContext *this)
man = anjuta_shell_get_interface (this->execution->plugin->shell,
IAnjutaMessageManager, NULL);
ianjuta_message_manager_remove_view (man, this->view, NULL);
g_object_remove_weak_pointer (G_OBJECT (this->view), (gpointer *)(gpointer)&this->view);
this->view = NULL;
if (this->editor)
g_object_remove_weak_pointer (G_OBJECT (this->editor), (gpointer *)(gpointer)&this->editor);
this->editor = NULL;
if (this->buffer)
g_string_free (this->buffer, TRUE);
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