Commit 4ee482aa authored by Johannes Schmid's avatar Johannes Schmid

Updated files for 2.29.2 release

parent 6cff3091
Anjuta 2.29.2 "Prager Herbst" (14 November 2009) -- Johannes Schmid
- New codename ;)
- For upcoming features, see the new-project-manager and the cxxparser branches
Bugs fixed:
String review (thanks to Phillip Withnall)
symbol-db: fix #597113
search-plugin: unmerge ui and remove action group when the plugin is deactivated
git: remove action groups when the plugin is deactivated
file-manager: fix bug where we accessed the FileView even though it was freed
debug-manager:bgo #596009 - Easier adding of watches
Anjuta 2.28.0 (28 September 2009) -- Johannes Schmid
Bugs fixed:
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ AC_PREREQ(2.59)
m4_define(anjuta_major_version, 2)
m4_define(anjuta_minor_version, 29)
m4_define(anjuta_micro_version, 0)
m4_define(anjuta_micro_version, 2)
m4_define(anjuta_nano_version, 0)
m4_define(anjuta_version, anjuta_major_version.anjuta_minor_version.anjuta_micro_version.anjuta_nano_version)
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