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	* ROADMAP: updated.
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2005-07-23 Naba Kumar <>
* ROADMAP: updated.
2005-07-23 Naba Kumar <>
* plugins/subversion/,
......@@ -48,3 +48,28 @@ Milestone 2.3.0 - (Estimated release time Dec 2005):
Milestone 2.4.0 - (Estimated release time Feb 2006):
- Bug fixing and stable release.
gTranslator plugin for Anjuta:
gTranslator is a software used by translators to edit and update .po files,
which are localization files in a project. This plugin will be responsible
for integrating gTranslator in Anjuta DevStudio. The implementation will
closely follow the way we have integrated DevHelp in Anjuta.
The first task
involves collaborating with gTranslator developers to have gTranslator in
form of a library that will provide all the neccessary widgets to be embeded
in Anjuta. The approach would be to segregate all UI (menus and toolbars)
controls from the main engine. The main engine (library) should contain only
the main widgets and API for their interaction with the UI and themsleves.
gTranslator executable will itself use this library and implement the UIs
Once that has been done and neccessary library interface has been created
in gTranslator, we can move ahead with creating the actual Anjuta plugin. If
gTranslator library creation is done properly, the Anjuta plugin should
not involve much work, because the only thing that matters at this point is
it to wrap the library with our own UI and embed the widgets in Anjuta Shell.
Much of this can be easily understood from existing plugins (e.g. devhelp
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