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defined as "[+" and "+]" in the wizard template.
All blocks on the project wizard are included in a <emphasis>project-template
</emphasis> block. This is needed because a valid XML file should have a
single root block. This block was not used in older version of the format,
so it is optional to keep backward compatibility.
The <emphasis>header</emphasis> block is the only exception, it is read
directly from the template file and do not use autogen.
It must be the first block and must be valid a xml
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<sect1 id="internationalization">
The newer version of the project wizard format, used by Anjuta 2.31 and
greater, supports the standard xml:lang attribute. So the translation
can be merged in the .wiz file considering it as an xml file and
using standard tools. The attributes having a name starting with '_'
are considered as translatable.
The translation tools (intltool-merge) has to
recognized the .wiz as an .xml file before being preprocessed by
<emphasis>autogen</emphasis>. This adds additional constraints when
writing the .wiz file, in particular you have to take care of
quoting in attribute values. In addition, you need to have the
<emphasis>project-template</emphasis> root node. So your template
will not be compatible with older version of Anjuta.
<sect1 id="distribution">
You can write your own project template and distribute them in a gzip
compressed tar file. The archive has to included all files needed by
your template.
With Anjuta version 2.30 or below, the user has to decompress this archive
in a directory named <filename>anjuta/project</filename> in the data
directory defined according to
<ulink type="http" url="">XDG Base Directory Specification</ulink>.
With Anjuta version 2.31 or greater, if you name your archive with the
extension <filename>.wiz.tgz</filename> the template will be automatically
installed and then executed if used as anjuta argument.
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