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Updated files for releas

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Anjuta 3.3.4 "First snow in Berlin" (16 January 2011) -- Johannes Schmid
This is an unstable developer snapshot - if you need a stable version,
use 3.2.x!
Abderrahim Kitouni (7):
libanjuta: set the info for the default value of a property
libanjuta: add gir annotation for anjuta_project_node_insert_property_info
libanjuta: don't register project property lists as GObject properties
libanjuta, am-project: better memory management for the properties lists
language-support-vala: update .vapi for the latest changes
language-support-vala: take advantage of the new project API
libanjuta, am-project, project-manager, language-support-vala: rename property to default_value
Alexander Shopov (1):
Updated Bulgarian translation
Arnel A. Borja (10):
sourceview: Fix typo in a gschema key name
anjuta-build-tutorial: Remove AM_MAINTAINER_MODE
project-wizard: Don't symlink Automake files
project-wizard: Use Automake variables for defines
project-wizard: Move PROJECT_CFLAGS to own line
class-gen: Use convention for get-private macros
project-wizard: Use pkgdatadir instead of datadir/package
project-wizard: Move PROJECT_CFLAGS to own line in minimal template
project-wizard: check HavePackage before adding PROJECT_CFLAGS
project-wizard: Don't replace hyphen with underscore in filenames
Daniel Mustieles (6):
Updated Spanish translation
Updated Spanish translation
Missing file in
Updated Spanish translation
Updated Spanish translation
Updated Spanish translation
Fran Diéguez (1):
Updated Galician translations
James Liggett (2):
git: Fix switch delete branch, and merge action sensitivity
Revert "git: Use combo box instead of tree view for remotes"
Jiro Matsuzawa (1):
Updated Japanese translation
Johannes Schmid (7):
Updated files for release
Post-release version bump
search: Search for next occurence when replace succeeds (see bgo#665945)
search: Set focus chain (see bgo#665945)
search: Add tooltip in search entry (see bgo#665945)
search: Move close button to the right edge (see #665945)
code-analyzer: Fixed bgo#667903 - Code Analyzer Crashes
Massimo Corà (3):
symbol-db: fixed bgo #664413 - Symbols not updated correctly when switching branches
symbol-db: improved some debug messages
symbol-db: minor performance bugfix.
Matej Urbančič (1):
Updated Slovenian translation
Muhammet Kara (1):
[l10n]Updated Turkish translation
Peter Hoffmann (1):
language-support-cpp: bgo#633341 - Code completion should close parentheses
Piotr Drąg (2):
Sébastien Granjoux (21):
am-project: bgo #666621 - segfault in amp_node_property_add when there is an orphan AmpTargetNode
project-manager: Allow to add groups and targets in the root node
anjuta: Remove old tutorial links
libanjuta: Fix anjuta_util_help_display to use yelp
project-manager: Add a help button in some dialogs
am-project: bgo #666966 - crash editing
libanjuta: Add a model property to AnjutaTreeComboBox
libanjuta: Add IAnjutaProjectChooser interface
project-manager: Implement a project node chooser
project-manager: Fix ianjuta_project_manager_add_source_quite function
libanjuta: Fix a critical warning when selecting a node in chooser widget
file-wizard: Use the new project node chooser
class-gen: Use the new project node chooser
libanjuta: Add missing GdfProjectView in Anjuta glade catalog
project-manager: Use a GtkFileChooser to add sources in a target
file-wizard: Cosmetic improvements of new file dialog
libanjuta: Improve AnjutaTreeComboBox
project-manager: Use new improvements in ProjectChooser button
project-manager: Select a valid default node in ProjectChooser button
project-manager: Use ProjectChooser button in the Add library dialog
project-manager: Rename directory to folder in project dialogs
Anjuta 3.3.3 "It's X-mas time..." (20 December 2011) -- Johannes Schmid
This is an unstable developer snapshot - if you need a stable version,
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