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Updated and added more tasks.

	* ROADMAP: Updated and added more tasks.
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2005-07-25 Naba Kumar <>
* ROADMAP: Updated and added more tasks.
2005-07-24 Naba Kumar <>
* HACKING: Fixed format.
......@@ -97,3 +97,49 @@ mime type and should be user activatable.
The parsing code can be taken from Alleyoop project, which is a gnome
front-end for valgrind. Some of the ideas for the user interface can also be
taken from it.
Users manual, tutorials and FAQ update:
This is a non-technical work, but is an extremely important part of Anjuta
project. We used to have a very handy users documentation in
Anjuta 1.x series, but they are no longer useful for Anjuta 2.x series.
The task envolve getting familiar with Anjuta 2.x operation and updating the
existing documents. The documents are written in docbook sgml format. So,
in addition to being able to write good english and having some basic
programming/development skills, one must also be familiar with writing sgml
documents. Screenshots should be taken with default GNOME theme with shadow
drops. Uneccessary screenshots that could be effectively explained in text
should be avoided as much as possible.
For compiling FAQ (frequently asked questions), one needs to research Anjuta
mailing lists, bugzilla discussions and forums to identify repeated questions
and answers that would qualify for FAQ.
Glade3 Integration:
We already have glade3 integration in anjuta working. But the implementation
is incomplete and not fully usable. The main reason is that glade3 is not
fully ready for general consumption. One part of this task involve
collaborating with glade3 developers and helping them complete it so that it
is fully compatible with glade2 files and libglade.
The second part involves interfacing it with anjuta glade plugin for
signals navigation, stubs creations and project files negotiations.
Signals navigation" means when user selects a signal in glade properties editor,
Anjuta automatically brings up the implementation of that signal in its editor.
This can be accomplished with SymbolBrowser plugin in anjuta, that keeps tab
on all symbol updates in the project. Using the signal handler signature,
Anjuta glade plugin can take help of symbol-browser plugin to find the location
of function definitions in the project.
"Stubs creation" means when the user adds new signals, Anjuta glade plugin
automatically creates the stub for the signal handler using gtk signal
introspection. The signal prototype can be identified with the introspection.
Where and how the stubs are added in project is a matter of dissussion.
"Project files negotiation" means when user adds file via glade (e.g. images
in dialogs), glade will notify anjuta to add the file in project and give
a change to relocate it within the project. Anjuta needs to handle this
request and add the files in project (possibly prompting user for relocation).
Anjuta also needs to make sure glade is able to find them later.
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