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    Merged with latest (1.45) scintilla and a lot of small glitches. · 5a895896
    Stephane Demurget authored
    2002-05-06  Stephane Demurget  <demurgets@free.fr>
    	Merged with latest (1.45) scintilla and a lot of small glitches.
    	Note: I've experienced segfaults with the new layout cache, so I
    	      didn't commit this part yet.
    	Added: - Line layout cache to improve performance by maintaining the
    		 positioning of characters on lines.
    	       - Matlab lexer.
    	Improved: - Lua code folding for {} and compact mode.
    		  - Python & Lua lexers supports for floating point numbers.
    		  - When performing a rectangular paste, the caret now remains
    		    at the insertion point.
    	Bugs fixed: Too many to mention; please see :
    	            http://www.scintilla.org/ScintillaHistory.html for the
    		    full changes list.
    	* scintilla/*/*: updated nearly all files.
    	* anjuta.prj, src/Makefile.am: added the new Matlab lexer.
    	* doc/ScintillaDoc.html: updated, since it was really out-dated.
    	Merged with latest (1.45) SciTE properties.
    	* data/properties/matlab.properties: added.
    	* data/properties/Makefile.am, data/properties/anjuta.properties: added
    	  the matlab properties.
    	* data/properties/lisp.properties: converted from the
    	  hell's cr/lf world to the UNIX's lf heaven :)
    	* data/properties/*.properties: synced the other properties according
    	  to the new scite properties.
    	Added support for the Ruby & Matlab languages hilighting.
    	* src/main_menubar_def.h, src/lexer.h, src/aneditor.cxx,
    	  src/utilities.[ch]: added support for the Matlab & Ruby as needed
    	  highlight style.