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    updated with new information on printing, patch naming · b39e07ed
    Andy Piper authored
    2002-06-04	Andy Piper	<andy.piper@freeuk.com>
    * HACKING: updated with new information on printing, patch naming
    * TODO: removed completed tasks
    * THANKS: updated a few contributions
    * anjuta.prj: updated the icon file
    * anjuta.desktop.in.in: updated to add Categories
    * data/anjuta.mime: created a mime type for Anjuta project files (NB needs to be added to the install in /usr/share/mime/)
    * pixmaps/madeinanjuta.xcf: finally added Nick Dowell\'s "Coded in Anjuta" button in Gimp XCF format. It can be converted to PNG for websites.
    * plugins/patch/patch-plugin.c: clarified some messages and made it easier to see different patching sessions
    * src/toolbar.c: changed some message text for consistency
    * src/preferences_gui.c, src/preferences.c, src/preferences.h, src/defaults.c, src/anjuta.c, src/anjuta.h: enable/disable tooltips  in preferences.
    Patch from Jean-Noel Guiheneuf <jnoel@saudionline.com.sa>
    * src/appwiz_page1.c, src/appwizard_cbs.c, src/pixmaps.h, src/project_dbase.{c,h}, src/project_import_cbs.c, src/project_type.c, src/source.{c,h}, src/wizard_gui.c: Added XLib Project and a Dockapp Project types.
    * pixmaps/Makefile.am: added line for new pixmap for new xlib projects
    * pixmaps/appwiz_xlib.png: pixmap for new xlib projects
    * src/source.c: Fixed memory leak in existing projects. (filename was not freed)
    Patch from Todd Goyen <wettoad@knighthoodofbuh.org>