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    This is the end of the ChangeLog. After more than nine years of development · 2bae7600
    Johannes Schmid authored
    the anjuta project (as the whole GNOME project) is switching to git and we
    will no longer maintain a seperate ChangeLog file but use the git log instead.
    Please still write good messages into the git log, see HACKING for details!
    So long and thanks for the fish!
    2009-04-16  Johannes Schmid  <jhs@gnome.org>
      * HACKING: Updated for git
    2009-04-16  Johannes Schmid  <jhs@gnome.org>
      Based on patch from : Maxim Ermilov <zaspire@rambler.ru>
    	* configure.in:
    	Added some (disabled) option to build with DISABLE_DEPRECATED
    	* plugins/cvs-plugin/anjuta-cvs-plugin.glade:
    	* plugins/cvs-plugin/cvs-actions.c (on_browse_button_clicked),
    	(cvs_add_dialog), (cvs_remove_dialog), (cvs_commit_dialog),
    	(cvs_update_dialog), (cvs_diff_dialog), (cvs_status_dialog),
    	(cvs_log_dialog), (on_menu_cvs_import):
    	* plugins/cvs-plugin/cvs-callbacks.c (check_entry),
    	* plugins/subversion/anjuta-subversion.glade:
    	* plugins/subversion/subversion-add-dialog.c
    	* plugins/subversion/subversion-diff-dialog.c
    	* plugins/subversion/subversion-log-dialog.c
    	* plugins/subversion/subversion-merge-dialog.c
    	* plugins/subversion/subversion-switch-dialog.c
    	* plugins/subversion/subversion-ui-utils.c
    	* plugins/subversion/subversion-ui-utils.h:
    	* plugins/subversion/subversion-update-dialog.c
    	* plugins/tools/anjuta-tools.glade:
    	* plugins/tools/editor.c (on_editor_icon_entry_clicked),
    	(atp_populate_tool_editor), (on_editor_response),
    	(on_editor_browse_button_dir_clicked), (atp_tool_editor_show):
    	* src/main.c (main):
    	* src/shell.c (anjuta_test_shell_dispose),
    	(anjuta_test_shell_finalize), (main):
    	#572754 – Remove deprecated GTK+ symbols
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=4944
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