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    Changed argument from GtkWindow to GtkWidget. · 36e5fc8e
    Naba Kumar authored
    	* src/action-callbacks.c:
    	* libanjuta/anjuta-utils.c:
    	* libanjuta/anjuta-utils.h:
    	Changed argument from GtkWindow to GtkWidget.
    	* plugins/starter/plugin.c:
    	* plugins/starter/plugin.h:
    	* plugins/starter/starter.c:
    	* plugins/starter/starter.h:
    	* plugins/starter/anjuta-starter.plugin.in:
    	* plugins/starter/starter_logo.png:
    	* plugins/starter/Makefile.am:
    	* src/layout.xml:
    	* data/default.profile:
    	* configure.in:
    	Added starter plugin. (Changes by Naba: dock the starter widget directly
    	to the shell instead of putting it as an editor in document-manager.
    	Removed on-session-load signal which is not necessary since this widget
    	can stay as quick shortcuts while working on projects. Added it in data/
    	default.profile and src/layout.xml to load at startup)
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