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    Naba Kumar authored
    2003-03-24  Naba Kumar  <naba@gnome.org>
            * README: Correct version.
    2003-03-24  Michael Tindal <etherscape@paradoxpoint.com>
            * configure.in: Added checks to see if were building on FreeBSD
            systems.  Sets -DFREEBSD if we are, and also attempts to find
            gmake if the host system is FreeBSD.
            * src/getline.c: New file used to provide the getline function,
            which isnt available on a FreeBSD system.  The function is only
            defined if FREEBSD is defined.
            * src/Makefile.am: Added getline.c to anjuta_SOURCES
            * tagmanager/Makefile.am:  Uses $(GMAKE) rather than make.
            configure.in sets this to gmake on FreeBSD systems, and make
            on everything else.