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    Shows plugins in a nicer dialog. · c82c61fa
    Naba Kumar authored
    	* libanjuta/plugins.c: Shows plugins in a nicer dialog.
    	* libanjuta/interfaces/libanjuta.idl,
    	plugins/editor/text_editor.c: Added get_length()
    	and get_current_word() methods in IAnjutaEditor interface.
    	* libegg/Makefile.am: Added test_actions target.
    	* libegg/egg-combo-action.c: Fixed combo-action and made it usable.
    	* plugins/build-basic-autotools/build-basic-autotools.c,
    	plugins/message-view/message-view.c: Added code to go to file and
    	line number,
    	* plugins/devhelp/plugin.c: Context sensitive help now works.
    	* plugins/editor/anjuta-docman.c: Reads the fragment id from file
    	uri as line number and goes to that line number.
    	* plugins/gtodo/interface.c, plugins/gtodo/libgtodo.c,
    	plugins/gtodo/plugin.c: Creates a default gtodo client and implemented
    	gtodo_client_load() method to load from a diffrent file. Watched
    	project root directory in plugin to open TODO.tasks of the project.
    	* plugins/project-manager/plugin.c: Updates project UI
    	* src/Makefile.am, src/shell.[c,h], src/anjuta-shell.ui: Added
    	anjuta-shell program to test plugins.
    	* src/anjuta-app.c: Registered UI accels.
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