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    Philip Van Hoof authored
    2002-05-01  Philip Van Hoof <freax@pandora.be>
    	* widgets/gnomefilelist.[ch] (history_combo_go),
    	(history_combo_clicked): impl.
    	(gnome_filelist_new_with_path): use this new impl.
    2002-05-01  Stephane Demurget  <demurgets@free.fr>
    	* src/project_dbase_gui.c (add_file): added the xpm file type.
    2002-04-30  Biswapesh Chattopadhyay  <biswapesh_chatterjee@tcscal.co.in>
    	Patch reviewed by Stephane Demurget <demurgets@free.fr> except for the
    	tag manager fixes.
    	* src/anjuta.[ch]: Changed local tag list to use line numbers instead
    	  of tag types.
    	* src/an_symbol_view.[ch], src/mainmenu_callbacks.[ch],
    	  src/text_editor_menu.c: Added context sensitive search in symbol
    	  browser and editor.
    	* configure.in: Changed version number to
    	* scripts/anjuta_import.sh.in, scripts/anjuta_project.template,
    	  src/project_import.c: Minor changes to project import facility.
    	* src/preferences.[ch], src/preferences_gui.c: Fix for bug #537273
    	  (Forced to use specific brace format)
    	* tagmanager/include/tm_tag.h, tagmanager/include/tm_workspace.h,
    	  tagmanager/tm_tag.c, tagmanager/tm_work_object.c,
    	  tagmanager/tm_workspace.c: Minor TagManager fixes and updates.
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