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    Fixed bug #377903 (improve message color defaults). · 34ea48f9
    Naba Kumar authored
    	* plugins/message-view/anjuta-message-manager-plugin.glade:
    	Fixed bug #377903 (improve message color defaults).
    	* TODO.tasks: Completed Bounty bug #359862, Improve class wizard.
    	* plugins/symbol-browser/test-class.h: Fixed block ends.
    	* libanjuta/anjuta-plugin.c: Changed a C++-style-//-comment to a
    	C-style-block comment.
    	* plugins/project-wizard/autogen.c: (Hopefully) temporary hack to
    	allow lists when writing autogen definition files. This is required
    	for the new class generator. Also fixed a wrong return value in
    	npw_autogen_write_definition_file and set a GError in
    	npw_autogen_execute when the output file could not be opened.
    	* plugins/class-gen/anjuta-class-gen-plugin.glade: New class generator
    	user interface.
    	* plugins/class-gen/Makefile.am: Added templates subdir, removed
    	goc_template_header and goc_template_source, added top_srcdir to
    	includes, link against project wizard (also hopefully temporarily),
    	removed class_gen.h, class_gen.c, action-callbacks.h,
    	* libanjuta/anjuta-marshal.list: Added VOID:BOXED marshaller.
    	* plugins/class-gen/cell-renderer-flags.h:
    	* plugins/class-gen/cell-renderer-flags.c:
    	* plugins/class-gen/combo-flags.h:
    	* plugins/class-gen/combo-flags.c:
    	* plugins/class-gen/element-editor.c:
    	* plugins/class-gen/element-editor.h:
    	* plugins/class-gen/generator.c:
    	* plugins/class-gen/generator.h:
    	* plugins/class-gen/plugin.h:
    	* plugins/class-gen/plugin.c:
    	* plugins/class-gen/transform.c:
    	* plugins/class-gen/transform.h:
    	* plugins/class-gen/validator.c:
    	* plugins/class-gen/validator.h:
    	* plugins/class-gen/window.c:
    	* plugins/class-gen/window.h: Rewrote class generator, it now allows
    	adding of several class elements and uses autogen.
    	* plugins/class-gen/templates/cc-header.tpl:
    	* plugins/class-gen/templates/cc-source.tpl:
    	* plugins/class-gen/templates/go-header.tpl:
    	* plugins/class-gen/templates/go-source.tpl:
    	* plugins/class-gen/templates/Makefile.am: Added Autogen templates
    	for the class generator.
    	* configure.in: Added plugins/class-gen/templates/Makefile to output.
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