Commit d91bf705 authored by Christian Persch's avatar Christian Persch


parent 67160881
General :
- Move more common code into the libgames-support library.
- Make as much as possible scalable so we can have full-screen
modes (bug 80204).
- Seriously look at a11y for actually playing the games.
- Make games playable by keyboard (bug 126284).
- Update debian files to be reasonable
- Make session management work.
- Make the build system cleaner.
- Freecell hint threading (bug 134798)
......@@ -16,61 +10,3 @@ AisleRiot:
- Descriptions of games in Select dialog (bug 110730)
- Find out what's wrong with block-ten.
- Final missing features from stand-alone freecell (bug 124522).
- Graphics (could we share some with iagno/gataxx)
- Have another look at the preferences: some are disabled during
game play, others are enabled, but restart the game. Be consistent.
- Icon theme for custom icons ?
- UI review (bug 132387).
- Make preferences changeable mid-game. The old drawing problems should
be gone, but we should check for other things before re-enabling it.
- Drag and drop backgrounds:
- Accepts gradients.
- Tile tileable backgrounds rather than scaling them.
- Figure out bug 119043. Was it solved with 103125 ? I don't think so.
- Try and fix the colour issue (part of bug 112571, the bit where
I misunderstand).
- Make drawing more efficient, cache the blended pixbufs on
the server.
- Fix up the hint_used signal so that all states get returned this
way (or something else that doesn't look completely awful like the
current system).
- Record completed puzzles (bug 111543)
- Remove that space from once intltool has
had a few more releases (and upgrade the required version to 0.31
or whatever it becomes.
- Select all/select none, almost like (bug 137104).
- Add an "I'm thinking" message, especially for level 3 AI.
- High contrast theme ? Other a11y stuff.
- See if the code causing problems in bug 79180 can't be
glib-ised to make the portability problem glibs.
- Make defaults consistent with gataxx.
- Make selecting side in a network game better (bug 119195).
- Make moves more obvious (bug 118996)
- Fix up the tile search function for speed.
- Make resizing a bit snappier.
- Level editor and external level files (the later has been
partly done already).
- Widgets other than the combo box for the GamesFileList.
- GamesFileList standard directory option for paths.
- Make a shared library. Rename to libgnome-games
- Documentation
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