Commit 0a8c3bcb authored by Jakub Steiner's avatar Jakub Steiner

prepare for 3.31.91

parent ff788b65
- symbolic: folder-download, inode-directory
- symbolic: privacy, dnd, phone device icons
- symbolic: new ui context for things that aren't strictly icons. Might go into gtk
- symbolic: emoji category tweaks
- symbolic: mail-reply, battery status (issue #6)
- symbolic: action icons eg rotation
- symbolic: drive icon tweaks
- fullcolor: more app/mimetype/device/status to legacy
- fullcolor: new style for fullcolor icons - folders, mimetypes and devices
- cursors: fix a symlink mixup (mr #5)
- few symbolic updates
- move a lot of fullcolor icons to legacy context. They will go or be updated
in 2 releases.
- symbolic: lists (issue #16)
- fullcolor: more app, device, mimetypes to legacy
- audio-speakers-symbolic rendering glitch (issue #11)
- *starred-symbolic 2px outline as per guidelines (issue #7)
dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
AC_INIT([adwaita-icon-theme], [3.31.1],
AC_INIT([adwaita-icon-theme], [3.31.91],
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