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    • Michael Weghorn's avatar
      interface_view: Drop manual click handler that runs into exception · dc0c6299
      Michael Weghorn authored
      Clicking into the `GtkTextView` that is used to display
      and edit the text via the text interface resulted in
      this exception being printed on stderr:
          Traceback (most recent call last):
            File ".../accerciser/share/accerciser/plugins/interface_view.py", line 1453, in _onTextViewPressed
          AttributeError: '_ResultTuple' object has no attribute 'get_offset'
      Retrieving the offset from the `_ResultTuple` in
      `_onTextViewPressed` could be fixed as follows:
          -    self.offset_spin.set_value(iter.get_offset())
          +    self.offset_spin.set_value(iter[1].get_offset())
      However, `_onTextCursorMove` is already registered
      as a handler for cursor move events, and also gets
      called when the cursor gets moved by clicking into
      the GtkTextView using the mouse. Since
      `_onTextCursorMove` already takes care of updating
      the offset in the spinbox, there seems to be no
      need for `_onTextViewPressed`, which was meant
      to do exactly that, so just drop it.
      Take over a helpful comment from its doc
      to `_onTextCursorMove`.
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    • Samuel Thibault's avatar
      Merge branch 'michaelweghorn/fix_numbering_input_prompt' into 'master' · cfdf059b
      Samuel Thibault authored
      ipython_view: Fix off-by-one number in input prompt
      See merge request !20
    • Michael Weghorn's avatar
      ipython_view: Fix off-by-one number in input prompt · 232db06e
      Michael Weghorn authored
      Previously, the numbering for the input prompt
      was incorrect, one too low except for the
      first prompt, so there was a mismatch between
      the numbers for input and output: An "In [n]"
      would be followed by an "Out [n+1]", e.g.
          In [1]: 1
          Out[1]: 1
          In [1]: 2
          Out[2]: 2
          In [2]: 3
          Out[3]: 3
          In [3]: _i2 # should give the input with index 2
          Out[4]: '2'
          In [4]:
      Fix this by generating the next input prompt
      *after* the current input has been processed
      (`self.IP.run_cell(source_raw, store_history=True)`),
      at which point the counter (`self.IP.execution_count`)
      has the correct value:
          In [1]: 1
          Out[1]: 1
          In [2]: 2
          Out[2]: 2
          In [3]: 3
          Out[3]: 3
          In [4]: _i2
          Out[4]: '2'
          In [5]:
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    • Michael Weghorn's avatar
      treeview: Populate path for bookmark right away · a092dc93
      Michael Weghorn authored
      Accessing the given path in the model can
      fail if the items have not been populated yet.
      Therefore, try to access the given path again
      right after populating the model to the
      given path.
      To make sure the model has actually been
      populated, process all pending events
      after the call to `self.model.popToPath(path)`
      since populating is done via idles
      (s. `AccessibleModel#popLevel`) that may
      otherwise not have been processed yet.
      This makes expanding and selecting the
      corresponding item in the treeview work
      when clicking on a bookmark for the first
      time, while it required clicking the bookmark
      a second time previously if the path had not
      already been populated.
      (The documentation for `selectNodeAtPath`
      already claimed this:
      "The path does not need to exist in the model,
      only in the accessibles tree. The model will get
      populated accordingly.")
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    • Samuel Thibault's avatar
      Merge branch 'michaelweghorn/treeview_use_correct_path' into 'master' · 832680ac
      Samuel Thibault authored
      treeview: Use filtered path to select correct entry when navigating to bookmark and "Show applications without children" is inactive.
      See merge request !17
    • Michael Weghorn's avatar
      treeview: Use filtered path to select correct entry · c2a3e9f1
      Michael Weghorn authored
      The gtk.TreeView methods called in `_selectExistingPath` operate
      on `AccessibleTreeView`'s model, which is the filtered model
      (`self.filter`, s. the call to `self.set_model(self.filter)` in the
      `AccessibleTreeView` constructor).
      Since the path to the unfiltered model (`self.model`) gets passed
      as a parameter, convert this to the filtered path before using it to
      select an item.
      This fixes navigating to a bookmark when
      "View" -> "Show applications without children"
      is disabled (the default), which was otherwise using
      a too large row index in the path if any hidden applications had
      a lower row index than the bookmarked application.
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