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    Handle the various pkcs12/cert/key/ca combinations. · 34a0c925
    Katelyn Schiesser authored
    OpenVPN allows supplying PKCS#12 client cert/key *or* PEM client cert/key, as
    well as a PEM CA cert in either case. When supplying --pkcs12, the args --cert
    and --key can not be used. So, you can have one of the following:
        - PKCS#12 combined cert/key/ca (one file): --pkcs12
        - PKCS#12 combined cert/key/ca with PEM CA: --pkcs12, --ca
        - PEM cert/key, PEM CA: --cert, --key, --ca
    If a user tries to import an invalid config, they will be met with the appropriate
    error message. The editor dialog also enforces the PKCS#12/PEM restrictions.