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Welcome to GNOME Initiatives

Initiatives are cross-project goals that have wide acceptance inside the GNOME community as desired.

Initiatives have to:

  • Be well defined and scoped. No moon-shots.
  • Be rather small and doable.
  • Have one or more people assigned as responsible to push it forward.
  • Have an approximated date range of completion (see ~"2. Deliverable" and ~"2. Stretch").

How To

Create an issue in this project

Create an issue selecting the "General" issue template, it will display instructions to follow and sections to fill.

The issue will be the main point of reference for the initiative, serving to track the status and also to allow comments and discussion about the initiative itself, including modification of the instructions.

Create initiative label

Create a label with the format "Initiative: $NAME" as group label. This label will be used to track project issues associated to the initiative. If you don't have permissions to create a group label contact the release team or @csoriano.

Create completion instructions

Create a wiki page with the same name as the initiative in this project wiki with the instructions for people to follow to achieve the goal in individual projects, so that information is always up to date.

Assign approximate date range completion

Use ~"2. Stretch" for initiatives in the vision of next 1-2 years and ~"2. Deliverable" for initiatives that are in the vision for the next year.