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Draft: shell: fixes related to opening documents

Pablo Correa Gomez requested to merge pabloyoyoista/open-paths into main

This removes the metadata, and uses a gsettings key

@sophie-h @FineFindus @jfft would you mind testing this? I think this should fix most of the issues opening documents on weird sizes.

Fixes #134

Fixes #132

Fixes #20


  • Handle maximization state (#106)
    When closing in maximized state, it needs to save the maximization property independently, without affecting the previously saved width+height
  • Fix the crasher when opening a PDF via the Nightly flatpak version of Nautilus (see comment below)
  • More testing
  • Rename functions, to make clear what's before and what after
  • Bind settings as per

Depends !204 (merged) just because that simplifies the opening paths that allow reasoning about this.

Edited by Jeff Fortin

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