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Draft: Remove "loading..." overlay in the window and corresponding code in libview

Pablo Correa Gomez requested to merge pabloyoyoista/loading-overlay into main
Local documents load usually fast enough, and remote documents have
their own StackPage ("loader") that properly notifies the progress. We
probably do not need feedback in this situation, and if we did, then
we can use "loader" instead.
libview: remove PpsView is-loading property and all code associated

The view is not the widget that should take care of notifying if
something is or isn't loading. What keeps track of that is the model
and the jobs (for which the window is ultimately responsible). There
is no reason for this information to be propagated up, and we stopped
using this in the previous commit. This was
initially introduced in 035c1cbd
with the reasoning to move the implementation of the Loading widget to
the shell (it still is there!), and allowing users to implement their
own loading notification systems. This is certainly not what we
want. If we identify that some users and documents are too slow
loading, then we should just make each page a stack, and have a
spinner instead of an empty page. There's therefore no need to
communicate anything up.

In the process, also remove some private pointers that had been unused
since the is-loading property was introduced

@crab2313 what do you think about this?

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