1. 07 Apr, 2021 1 commit
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      meson: allow building with elogind · 462cc0f5
      Dudemanguy authored
      Currently, the GDM meson build has a hard dependency on systemd.
      However, GDM can function just fine if one is using elogind. This allows
      a user to build GDM against libelogind and also disable the systemd
      system and user units.
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  15. 24 Feb, 2021 5 commits
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      Merge branch 'cleanup-accelerated' into 'master' · 40a0aa7b
      Ray Strode authored
      meson: Remove unused check-accelerated-dir option and references
      See merge request GNOME/gdm!124
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      meson: Remove unused check-accelerated-dir option and references · 4585abed
      Marco Trevisan authored and Ray Strode's avatar Ray Strode committed
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      Xinit: Allow for distros to split system config to /usr/etc · d98debd2
      Dominique Leuenberger authored
      openSUSE is preparing the system to have /etc as 'administrator config files'
      with system/package config templates shipped in /usr/etc (similar to the
      overlay system used by systemd)
      Have gdm follow this and try to load files from /etc, if not existing, fallback
      to /usr/etc
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      Merge branch 'fix/systemd-user-path' into 'master' · 349e6af8
      Ray Strode authored
      gdm-{wayland,x}-session: import PATH from systemd
      Closes #385
      See merge request !92
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      gdm-{wayland,x}-session: don't overwrite user env with fallback vars · ccecd9c9
      Gigadoc2 authored and Ray Strode's avatar Ray Strode committed
      In both gdm-wayland-session and gdm-x-session, environment variables
      from the systemd user manager are imported, if it is available. Those
      environment variables are set up for the session-to-be-spawned, however,
      environment variables that the gdm-{wayland,x}-session process itself
      has are also inherited to the new session, and they are given preference
      over what is imported from systemd.
      That is not accidential, the gdm-{wayland,x}-session process has fresh
      variables as to what the new user session will be (think $DISPLAY,
      $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP, etc.) and those should not be overwritten by stale
      data from the systemd user manager, who might have those variables still
      set from a previous session.
      As the gdm-{wayland,x}-session process does not inherit the environment
      in which GDM itself is launched, but gets a fresh environment with only
      purposefully added variables, this is in general not a problem (i.e.
      there are no environment variables from the systemd system instance
      overwriting those in our user session).
      However, the GDM session worker sets a default fallback PATH for
      gdm-{wayland,x}-session. This then gets preferred over whatever the
      systemd user manager has, resulting in the session always getting the
      fallback PATH.
      As GDM probably needs to consider scenarios where no variables can get
      imported from the systemd user manager (maybe it is not used at all),
      removing the default PATH is not an option. Instead, this commit adds a
      list of environment variables declared as fallbacks, for which we the
      imported variables _do_ get preference over our own ones. Currently,
      this is only PATH.
      Closes: #385
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