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    • Richard Hughes's avatar
      Download applications explicitly when required · 37103e6e
      Richard Hughes authored
      This adds gs_plugin_update(), but removes gs_plugin_add_updates_pending() and
      GsPluginRefreshFlags. The idea is that the frontend can ask the plugin loader
      to download specific GsApp objects, rather than trying to wedge this into the
      refresh action as some kind of payload.
      Breaks internal plugin API, but makes everything simpler, which is fine with me.
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    • Richard Hughes's avatar
      Replace GsPluginFailureFlags with a simple interactivity boolean · fca34d6e
      Richard Hughes authored
      This allows the front-end code to specify if this was in response to the user
      clicking a button rather than being a background task. Nobody really understood
      how GsPluginFailureFlags was supposed to work -- which meant there were bugs
      It's all a lot simpler now.
    • Richard Hughes's avatar
      flatpak: Use FlatpakTransaction to install, remove and update · 1113bf5a
      Richard Hughes authored
      This ensures we will get the same set of extensions and runtimes as the flatpak
      CLI tool, and allows us to make the plugin considerably simpler. Rather than
      using the plugin cache for the transaction, add each app and runtime being
      processed to a per-transaction cache which cleans up the cache model a lot.
      This allows us to remove gs_app_{g|s}et_update_runtime(); nobody every properly
      understood what this was doing, and it's no longer required.
      The counterpart matching also gets cut out; it was a huge layering violation
      and didn't work very well when there were two FlatpakInstallations with the
      same scope. If the GsApp scope is unknown, ask each GsFlatpak instance to
      refine the state until it returns without error.
      This also allows the runtime to use a different FlatpakInstallation than the
      application itself.
    • Richard Hughes's avatar
      trivial: Load the plugins from disk in a predicatable way · 12031b42
      Richard Hughes authored
      This allows us to compare the verbose output using GS_DEBUG_NO_TIME=1
    • Richard Hughes's avatar
      trivial: Fall back to ordering the plugins by name · 5fda1619
      Richard Hughes authored
      If the ordering is important then they should have explicit dependencies set
      between plugins (e.g. GS_PLUGIN_RULE_RUN_AFTER) and we shouldn't rely on any
      kind of ordering from the filesystem as this is not defined by POSIX and may
      differ between XFS and EXT4.
    • Richard Hughes's avatar
    • Richard Hughes's avatar
      Make the various app lists use GsAppList · 1f6c3454
      Richard Hughes authored
      This breaks API and ABI, but we already bumped the plugin version this cycle.
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    • Joaquim Rocha's avatar
      Notify apps' property changes from the main loop · 176cb24b
      Joaquim Rocha authored
      These changes avoid a race when apps are refined from within a
      different thread, as their properties' notification were being
      emitted (and thus triggering) code from those.
      Specifically there was a race when setting up the CSS for the
      background tile as this code was not getting run from the main
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