Commit ad5fac7f authored by Richard Hughes's avatar Richard Hughes

Only emit updates-changed once, after all task have completed

This should prevent the fork-bomb that happens when multiple flatpak
transactions emit updates-changed, which causes the update monitor to reget the
update list and then update the same list of applications, IN A LOOP.

Fixes GNOME/gnome-software#443
parent f915a08f
......@@ -67,6 +67,7 @@ typedef struct
guint scale;
guint updates_changed_id;
guint updates_changed_cnt;
guint reload_id;
GHashTable *disallow_updates; /* GsPlugin : const char *name */
......@@ -2076,14 +2077,21 @@ gs_plugin_loader_job_actions_changed_delay_cb (gpointer user_data)
g_debug ("updates-changed");
g_signal_emit (plugin_loader, signals[SIGNAL_UPDATES_CHANGED], 0);
priv->updates_changed_id = 0;
priv->updates_changed_cnt = 0;
g_object_unref (plugin_loader);
return FALSE;
static void
gs_plugin_loader_job_actions_changed_cb (GsPlugin *plugin,
GsPluginLoader *plugin_loader)
gs_plugin_loader_job_actions_changed_cb (GsPlugin *plugin, GsPluginLoader *plugin_loader)
GsPluginLoaderPrivate *priv = gs_plugin_loader_get_instance_private (plugin_loader);
static void
gs_plugin_loader_updates_changed (GsPluginLoader *plugin_loader)
GsPluginLoaderPrivate *priv = gs_plugin_loader_get_instance_private (plugin_loader);
if (priv->updates_changed_id != 0)
......@@ -3105,6 +3113,7 @@ gs_plugin_loader_process_thread_cb (GTask *task,
GsAppList *list = gs_plugin_job_get_list (helper->plugin_job);
GsPluginAction action = gs_plugin_job_get_action (helper->plugin_job);
GsPluginLoader *plugin_loader = GS_PLUGIN_LOADER (object);
GsPluginLoaderPrivate *priv = gs_plugin_loader_get_instance_private (plugin_loader);
GsPluginRefineFlags filter_flags;
GsPluginRefineFlags refine_flags;
gboolean add_to_pending_array = FALSE;
......@@ -3410,6 +3419,10 @@ gs_plugin_loader_process_thread_cb (GTask *task,
/* sort these again as the refine may have added useful metadata */
gs_plugin_loader_job_sorted_truncation_again (helper);
/* if the plugin used updates-changed actually schedule it now */
if (priv->updates_changed_cnt > 0)
gs_plugin_loader_updates_changed (plugin_loader);
/* show elapsed time */
gs_plugin_loader_job_debug (helper);
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